My Webmethods server 9.6

When we install the new Trial version of WM9.6 , How can we access the My Webmethods?

I am able to access the IS Admin but dint know how to access the my webmethods.


Have install mywebMethods?

If installed

->Goto SAGInstallDir/MWS/Server/Default/bin
->run startup.bat
If you install as service. Start from services

Since you are doing first start, it will take more time to start than your regular start

Now access mws using url(http://localhost:8585)


Yes, follow steps suggested by SAI. User: Administrator Pwd: manage

In addition to this I assume that you have run the database component configuration and you have your external database pool. MWS needs external database.

Let me know if you have any issues/questions.

Thanks so much for your responces.

one more question: I had WM 9.5 trial installed on my PC and now to install 9.6, can i just run the installation package to install the newer version ? can 9.5 and 9.6 exist on the same system symultaniously ?

I guess 9.5 will get updated to 9.6.

If you want to have 9.5 and 9.6 install at two different locations say C: and D:

You can have several webMethods installations (same or different versions) on the same host. When running installer you can choose a different installation directory. But you need to make sure

  • to have different databases (schemas) for the different installations (under certain circumstances within the same eversion you may reuse some schemas, but that’s a different story)

  • to select different ports for all components

If you want to upgrade an existing installation, please refer to the upgrade guide.

Thanks all for the responses.

What is the process of Un-installing the 9.5 trail before installing the 9.6? Is there any .bat or .exe file I can execute to un-install the software completely?

I am asking this question because I just want to Un-install the older version and install the newer version instead of upgrading to 9.6 to avoid any conflicts.

Thanks in Advance.


On windows go to control panel and uninstall the Software AG…

Make sure you shut down the IS first.

Thanks so much for all your responses.

I did executed installationDirectory\mws\server\default\bin\startup.bat

But still I am not able to access mywebmethods by typing the url http://localhost:8585

I am able to go to integration server admin but not on the My Webmethods.

Any suggestions on accessing My Webmethods while on the trial version of WM 9.6 ?


did you install MWS during your installation steps. It would ask you do provide external database details.