MWS Features


I have installed MWS in the server. There are some features which are not available. Example: Monitoring tab is present at the right hand side. But nothing is present under it.

Could you please explain the reason behind this? Is there something wrong while installing?

Thanks in Advance.

Arpan Chakraborty

Post the screen shots with version details.

The version I am using is 9.9.

Please find the screenshot attached

During your installation, did you provide external db details and run the Database Component Configurator 9.9 successfully?

It’s because, you used Embedded DB. Kindly confirm.



Yes I have used embedded derby DB. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

If the webMethods version is 9.6, should all the features appear like Monitoring, Settings, etc appear?

In another system, I have MWS whose version 9.6, there I am able to see these features?

Arpan – Is that other systems DB a Derby or external ?


In both the systems (i.e. one with 9.9 and other with 9.6) have derby DB. No external DB has been used in both the cases.

Arpan – During installation of MWS did you see any errors. Also, check in both systems MWS tables and list down if anything missing.


I have installed MWS using Command Central. I have not got any error while installing in Command Central.

Did you install MWS related tables using DBCC ?


I haven’t installed MWS using CC, so not sure. Still trying to help you out with some guess.


Thanks for your help.

Here what I have done. I have installed MWS using CC and DB is embedded database.

Hi Arpan,

Can you check if there is an option for selecting Monitor UI, Trading Networks UI etc?

Eventually the configuration of MWS via CC is missing something here.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your reply.

I have faced the same thing using default snapshot template mws-min and default composite template of mws-layer (without mws-config under templates in yaml file).

Monitoring is present but nothing is present under Monitoring.