MWS is not running up in 10.15

i installed webMethods product. i connected DB also in proper way. IS is running properly. but when coming to MWS, its not coming up. i tried all the possible ways to make it up.

when i run startup.bat script the command prompt itself closes after a few minutes by showing *## jvm 1 | [Sat Oct 21 09:52:00 PDT 2023] [INFO] Bootstrap: Stopping… *

please find the below attached command propt message
coomand prompt.txt (5.9 KB)

Hi Chanukya,

were there any Fixes applied to the installation?
Was the database schema created properly prior to installation and creation of MWS instance?
Is there any deeper error message available from profiles/MWS_<instance>/logs/error.log et al.?
Are there any messages under MWS/server/default/logs/_full_.log et al.?


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