MWS BPM Process Build Issue


I have tried to built a demo process flow in process development UI in desginer WM 9.7 version.
this is my first BPM process development where all initial configuration setup is done and tested connectivity as well BUT not sure why i am getting below exception while uploading DemoBPM process to MWS

Tested Connectivity :
Designer view IS+ Schema DB are running active mode
WmPRT/WmMonitor package are in active state
JDBC pools are setup for MWS

so question here Is?

  1. When I tried to upload DemoBPM process flow getting error "Unable to connect IS Dev_97 where as Instance is running fine as shown in screen shot.
  2. why i don’t see any package created with name DemoBPM in IS admin page?
  3. Even I don’t see same process in WmPRT home page but all feature in that package are working fine.
  4. I have observer MWS Administrator view for Business Process i can able to see DemoBPM process there but in MWS monitor view can’t able to view process instance.?

Any suggestion ?

Did you make sure that your designer [IS] is able to connect to Process Audit Database.

Check from Windows>Preferences>SoftwareAG>Process Development

Are all required components like IS, MWS,Analytical Engine,Data Collector,Prediction engine & DB running fine ?

Did you create environment file, able to deploy it successfully.


Hi Mahesh/MR,

That correct I have verified this Designer Windows>Preferences>SoftwareAG>Process Development
DB + IS connectivity looks good.

Yes I have verified all MWS related components are working fine.

what you mean by Env file, basically in attached screenshot in previous thread i have created DemoBPM and then do analysis and then Build n uploaded. even I can view that Demo BPM process in MWS Business Process view but not able to see same in process instance.

@ MR,
Can you please share the use of Analytic Engine, Data Collector and Prediction Engine in the design and execution of BPM or it used for something else.

Also share the configuration and setup for the above components say for wM 8.2 or wM9.0.

Did you kick start your BPM. Try to debug or run the process model once.

When there is no package created in IS (due to the connectivity issue), please check the setting for your Remote Server in IS as well as the assignment of logical Server to the Physical (=Remote) Server in the Package WmDesigner.

Starting with wM 9.x the Preditiction Engine is no longer existing.
It has been retired by SAG.


@Mahesh: Only for executing BPM models, we need below components:

  • Designer: for designing processes, tasks, and user interfaces
    – Process Engine: for executing automated processes
    – Task Engine: for implementing task interaction between users and processes
    – Monitor: for monitoring process performance and key business metrics.

But most of the times we do fall into situation where we have to use CAF for UI tasks, other components as per the need. That’s the reason I have listed down common components required for both BPM and CAF apps.

Let’s start what all needed for BPM model for starters:

                     Designing a Process Model – Environment set up

1.Here we will set up the designer environment. In order to deploy process models we need a database and Integration server. Lets set up the database and Integration server.
select Window> Preferences
Here we will add the logical servers and their corresponding physical server mappings. You can assign logical server for each process step. In the run time, a step will be executed in the logical server assigned to the step. For example you can have a Purchase Order process to have a validation step run in validation server and transformation to run in transformation server. You can always change logical server to physical server mapping here.

2.When you click on add button a new window will popup. Fill in the details. You don’t need to have Integration Server to be up and running at this stage. You can set a logical server as default which means that every process step will have this logical server as default.

3.When you have to deploy a process model, you need to make sure that all the logical servers are connected to designer. To do so, double click on the logical server name and a window will pop up. Enter the User and Password details. Once details are entered, click on Connect to check connectivity. Upon successful connection, status will change to ‘Successful Connection

4.In the same ‘preferences’ window , click on ‘Process Audit Database’ to configure process audit database. This is needed when you have to deploy a process model.
Enter the database details. After entering the details, click on Test Connection to check the status of database connection.

  1. Create a SAML url in IS extended settings for interaction b/w IS & MWS.

    Designing a Process Model – Creating a Process Project

  2. Select the perspective as ‘Process Developer’

  3. Once you are in ‘Process Developer’ perspective, select ‘File > New > Process Project’

  4. Your process model should be a part of a process project. Your process Project will be a folder in your file system where in all the ‘.process’ file will be stored.
    4.Once you have created a process Project, you can create a process model within the process project. To do so, click on the icon as shown in the below diagram. And you will see a drop down menu, where in you have to select ‘Process’. You will have to select the process project to which this process model should belong and provide a valid name without any special characters


Hi MR,

Thanks for details explanation but unfortunately i have all required setup/Env to ran process model has show in doc attached in initial thread.

I have verified all steps drafted by you and i can see they are intact as it was suggested.

verified - IS Admin page resource → SAML URL http://localhost:8686/services/SAML
remote server → it has my local IS configured and tested even that as well
has all required DB schema in JDBC pool and tested connectivity
WmPRT/WmMonitor package are active

Designer Verified :-
IS localhost/port was configured and tested and it’s running as usual
Process Audit Database configured and tested
logic server was configured and tested and it has been by default used by each and every process steps in process model flow BUT still no luck.
Relaunch BPM process and rebuilt but issue still exists.

@ Raj,

Are you on free trial wM 9.7?


That correct I am using free trial WM 9.7 version.

Pls note I have same env setup in WM 8.2 IS+MWS+Broker and my same BPM process flow working fine.

One more question as you ask about trial version WM9.7
I Observe In my MWS → Administrator view → Messaging {I don’t see this feature/view}
any idea how to add that ?

The answer is: YES you will not see mesaging under admin on MWS. In free trail they have not included broker component but they have given UM and you can admin/monitor UM via Enterprise Manager/Viewer.

I see you are trying to implement BPM on wM9.7? Am I right?

Yeah that correct I am trying to implement BPM in WM 9.7


Finally Issue was resolved and I’m surprised like this also can happen with WM server because i seen in past so many time by restarting IS or MWS servers most of the issue was fixed and i know this is not a best practise either :slight_smile:

In Designer followed these steps :-

  1. I have change logical server name from “Dev97” to “IS”.
  2. In Window Preferences Tested process audit DB connectivity
  3. Added logical server name “IS” to Process Audit DB
  4. In My Process Flow added logical IS name in all process steps + save it
  5. Reset designer perspective
  6. ReBuilt + Uploaded My process flow to MWS and this time it’s work fine.


Good to hear that eventually issue is been fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:


@ Raj,

I have few questions for you? Since you have done the BPM on wM 9.7, can you share some differences you found between v8 and v9?