MWS 10.7 Compatible with IS 10.5

Product/components used and version/fix level: MWS 10.7

Detailed explanation of the problem: We are currently running on version 10.5, we want to install only MWS 10,7 and rest components like Integration Server on 10.5, will be MWS 10.7 compatible with IS 10.5 ?

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

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Hi Rohit,

as both versions (10.5 and 10.7) are fairly old and are reaching their End-Of-Support soon, you should consider upgrading all components to 10.15 at least.


I agree Holger, you need to plan an upgrade. Until you upgrade, you can follow this document for different version compatibilities.

Keep in mind that MWS is usually used just as UI, and depending on how deeply you integrate it with your flows, it can be compatible or not.

Let me explain it with a few examples. If you use MWS to resubmit a service using a previously saved pipeline you need to use the same DB with IS hence it probably won’t be compatible because they will need different versions of DB scripts (it can be the same but you need to double check that, if it is the same, in theory they should be compatible). But if you are using MWS to only view/manage brokers it will be compatible with IS because you are not using it to call any IS services, only for brokers and Broker is the same since version 9.6

Also please consider pros and cons when using different versions together. It is usually not worth the risk. Unless they are already installed I would go for a new environment and migrate the flows there.

Hope this helps.


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