mService offline sync problem

I am having a problem syncing between my iPaq and server PC in the FieldRep app. The online client on the same server PC works fine, I can modify workorders and sync them and see the results in the administrator window. However, when trying the same from iPaq I can see the jeode output saying "sync - no result, fetch query: …"
Basically it retrieves each record, one by one, for each of the three doctypes.
after a while I get a sync failed, and the Tamino Server is not updated.
The ipaq_syncurl is exactly the same as the laptop_syncurl (using hostname, not localhost).
Simply updating records on the iPaq offline works (almost) fine.
any ideas?
Oh yeah - one more problem: on the iPaq, I cannot update WorkOrder notes. everything else can be updated.

Have you (according to Ivo’s description) changed the application_mode from “desktop” to “IPAQ” in file of mservice_FieldRep?

Yes, I made triple sure.
I can see that an attempt to connect is made; in the resin console when I try the sync resin prints out a few lines like:

RSA licensed technology …

but no error messages.

On the iPaq, a dialog pops up three times (for each type of document I assume) saying that it is “attempting authorization” or something like that.

I have to demo this tomorrow, so I have removed the synchronize link from the ipaq xsl template; I can still show the sync on the laptop and that should be good enough; The covigo trainers are here next week, so I’ll get to the bottom of this then and post the solution. Certainly it is something really simple (as it always is)

BTW, I have this running on JSDK 1.4.1 and INO on my laptop.

Did You also change the ‘Tamino Mobile Sync’ Properties in the mFieldService project. There You have to change the tamino url.