Sync Error

Dear Colleagues,

I’ve got an offline application that stores information on iPaq in a Tamino DB and synchronizes to Tamino XML Server on PC.

It works fine on my iPaq/PC, but when I tried to deploy to another machine (prospect) I’ve got an sync error 120.

I can see that the iPAq appl sends a request to the sync server, as it displays on the Tamino Mobile Server Engine window.

I did changes the references for my PC to the customer’s PC name, which basically you pass in the TaminoMobileSource sync method and the properties file for the sync Group.

As I couldn’t find any documentation for the sync return codes, I was wondering if someone could help me.


Luimar Scheid
Software AG Australia

Check that the address shown in the Tamino Mobile Server Engine window is right. E.g. in Win2K if you unplug the LAN cable, your computer name/address stops being valid.

For syncing over a cradle, I recommend using “ppp_peer” as host name, both in the PDA part and in the Sync repository. It always works, as far as the connection is provided by ActiveSync.

If the problem is because the unplugged cable, then also the loopback network adapter can be helpful.

Good luck

Javier C

Thanks, Javier.

I don’t think the hostname is a problem, as the PC is connected to their network, and I can run an Tamino Mobile online application from the iPaq. Anyway, thanks for the tip to use “ppp_peer” as a hostname.

Another symptom that rules out hostname/IP Address problem, is the fact I can see the request coming from the iPaq in the Tamino Mobile Server window…

I was wondering if there is any documentation about the status returned from the sync method?



Hallo Luimar,

120 means, that there is something wrong on the server. Check if you have specified the same controller names (serverToClient and clientToServer) on the client and on the server, and if they do not fail on the server.

Pascal Sch