FSA Beta could not synchronize with DEMOCenter HQ

Hi everybody,

I installed FSA Beta on my PDA and configured it to connect to the DEMOCenter at HQ.
I used the following URL for sync :

When connecting the first time (new user) and trying to download orders, spare parts and profile information, I got the error message “SYNC_FAILURE”.

I also tried to install from the executables Ivo Droesser built (found on the intranet).
But with the same error.

Could you help me with this ?

Thank you for your answers.

Here are the logs :


SyncContainer: 29-Oct-03 3:00:39 PM modus: initial Load
[creator: login, result: SYNC_LOGIN_FAILED, message: Problem accessing synchronisation repository, successlist: 0, failureList: 0]
SyncContainer end

errOut.log in attachment.



please check on your PDA, if you can reach the host by using the URL in the Pocket IE. If you cannot see the Tamino Mobile Console on your PDA, there is a general problem with the IP connection.

Pascal Sch

The answer to this problem was to remove the trailing slash at the end of the URL used in sync_URL parameter in the tmbSync.properties file.

Just for the readers who will come to this topic. :wink: