Error synchronizing some service orders

In Alpha FSA, sometimes, service orders closed in the PDA do not synchronize with the server. This message appears in the c:\tmb-server.log file:

Tamino access failure (INOXDE7730, (cvc-model-group.1):invalid end of sequence, Line 1, Column 5388: [element “check_item_list” in element “position”])

Some orders fail, some not. My guess is that fails when you enter a service_list.

Enclosed is a section of my tmb-server.log file that includes the wrong <service_order> document. One can see that it has the wrong structure inside the sevice_order: the “engineer” element is BEFORE the check_item_list one, instead of AFTER as is defined in the schema.


Javier C

there is also a sync.log file from the syncronization part which can be analysed.
we will check the behaviour you have noticed

Hello Javier,

could you please post a copy of your mobile db?

I would like to take a look on it, in order to see if all documents are correct.


Here you have, along with the full tmb-server.log. I cannot find the “sync.log” file. The order #8 is the one that does not sync.

NOTE: The DB has been created with the miniEngine running on a PC instead of a PDA, because just now I’ve lended my PDA (there is shortage here).

Anyway, I think you can easily reproduce the problem in your own PDA by entering, in the service report, a “service list” value (by clicking the green ticker in the position list), which gets inserted in the document as a <check_item_list> that appears AFTER the , instead of BEFORE. It seems that if you do not enter that service list the order syncs fine.

In fact, in the tmb.bdbe the order #8 is already created wrongly.

Javier C

Problem is fixed and will be available with the next FSA-build. Patch is not possible.