MPP region gives NAT3213: ID table not found

Natural/Adabas works ok in batch and under CICS but entering IMS tran code N826 gives:

    "NAT3213   .... 20,0,20,0"

followed by:

     "NAT9988 Invalid system file information."  

I have checked that all of the NII install steps have been completed sucessfully including the SVC install.

Any help suggestions would be much appreciated.

NAT3xxx is Adabas response code xxx, so Adabas response code 213 -

Response 213
Origin Mainframe systems only
ID table not found (SVC not properly installed).

If you are running with Entire Net-Work, the leftmost two bytes of the Additions 2 field (in the ACB) or the ACBXERRC field (in the ACBX) may contain the ID of the Entire Net-Work node that issued this response code.

The following table describes the possible subcodes that might occur if an Adabas DBID/SVC routing table error occurs:

Subcode Meaning

  • 16 The specified SVC number does not correspond to a currently installed SVC on the z/OS or z/VSE system. Check to be sure that the specified SVC number is correct and, if it is, ensure that an Adabas SVC is installed using that SVC number.
  • 20 The specified SVC number corresponds to an installed SVC on the z/OS or z/VSE system, but the SVC is not an Adabas SVC. Ensure that the provided SVC number is correct and, if it is, determine why the SVC installed for that number is not an Adabas SVC for z/OS or z/VSE.

Inform the DBA. The Adabas installation procedure was not properly executed.

Thank you very much for your reply. Explaining that 213 is the subcode was very helpful and pointed to the specified SVC not being an Adabas SVC. However I looked at the SVCTABLE for SVC=225 and it is indeed the Adabas SVC.

I thought maybe it was using the default SVC=249 but that is not even in the SVCTABLE.

Member IEFSSN specifies SVC=225 for SUBSYS=ADAB so it appears to be correctly defined.

Where else is the SVC# specified?

The APA monitor shows DFSPCC20->NII826FR->NIIINTFM->NAT826SH then the NAT3213 message.

I’ve tried running with or without ADANUC running but always NAT3213.

I suspect the problem lies somewhere in the IMS interface as under CICS it all works.

Any further suggestions would be much appreciated, :slight_smile: