NAT3400 The defined database handler is not available

I’m trying to import DDM files in ADABAS windows which is exported from ADABAS mainframe. From “Object Handler”, I loaded DDM file. It ended succesfully, I can see my ddms under System Libraries -> SYSDDM -> DDMs. But when I try to open it, It gets the following error:

Error - Nat3400
The defined database handler is not available.

Nat3400 The defined database handler is not available.
The defined database handler is not available.
The database has been defined to be handled by a specific database handler. However, the handler specified is not available.
Make the specific database handler available or change the database assignment in the global configuration file using the NATPARM utility.

Thanks for your help.

It sounds to me like your Natural environment is missing an NTDB= (or DB=) parameter assignment for the DBID in question. I could be wrong, but just going off of initial hunch here.


I would guess that your DDM has a DBID defined (I prefer 0 so that I can override it easily at execution time). Natural attempts to verify the DBID when you open the DDM.

Invoke the Natural Configuration Utility. Select Global Configuration File, then Database Management System Assignments. Under the DBMS Assignments tab, look for your DBID in the DBID column. If it’s not there, add it. The Type should be set to ADA.

It is not usually necessary to add DBIDs to this table. I do so only when I want an ADA2 database.