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Hi Team,
Is there a way, where one can subscribe only to specific set of topics. Right now, I am subscribed to forum and it generates so many notifications which I wouldn’t want to.

Let me know.


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Hi Sreekanth,

You can tweak the notifications you get through your profile settings, in the Notifications → Tags. This way you can ‘watch’ only topics related to your product interests.

Similar thing you can do in the Notification → Sections, where you might need to remove the whole Forum section from the Watched list (I assume it’s added for you).

Hope this helps, please let me know if it works :slight_smile:


Thank you, Hristov, it’s more custom now.


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Actually there are several ways to subscribe (I need to create a whole guide for that).

Following a tag (product)
If you want to subscribe to a product like #webMethods-io-Integration or #Integration-Server-and-ESB go @borislav.hristov 's way or head to the product tag e.g. Latest webMethods-io-Integration topics - Software AG Tech Community & Forums and select the bell button next to New Topic:

Watching will mean you will receive email for new topics and replies with the tag. If you want to get notified for new topics only select Watching First Post. Tracking will just add a count next to the tracked topics in the topic lists (I don’t find it very useful to be honest.
Take into account that if you decide to Watch the #webMethods tag you will still get a lot of emails every day, since most topics will have the webMethods tag. In that case I suggest using the Saved Searches functionality (read below).

Saved Searches
This is a very useful functionality. You can create up to 5 searches and receive periodic notifications (hourly, daily, weekly) or immediately. To do that click your avatar in the top → Edit references
→ Saved Searches
→ Add a new search

You can save a simple search e.g. “Migrate to AWS”, “Move to Azure”, etc. Or a tag - “tags:webMethods” - this way you can get a daily digest for the product tag instead of single emails all the time.
You can be even more specific - say we want to receive an email for the #webMethods tag, but only in the #news section. That can be done with the search - “tags:webMethods #news”.

For more ideas you can play around with the Advanced filters here: Search results for ‘’


You can see all options here - Subscription options - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

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