Mainframe Broker Security Exit - USRSEC

Using the sample security exit - USRSEC to provide security controls for the BROKER address space. I am trying to produce the load module USRSEC in order to test. I am seeing that my test BROKER fails to start, stating that the security exit could not be loaded.

The messages produced are:
MAI/THRTRACE 2021-02-03 11:17:41.627 ETBD0286 Diagnostic Values:
Unable to load USRSEC: EDC5234S The DLL cannot be loaded because it does n
ot contain a CEESTART CSECT.
MAI/ETBMAIN 2021-02-03 11:17:41.627 ETBE0001 Failed to load Security User Exit

In the link edit of the module I have specified ENTRY CEESTART but it seems that it still does not accept it.

Can someone please provide the sample JCL for the linkedit of this security exit under z/OS?

Thank you in advance

Hi Luis,
can you please open a support request for the issue?
Please provide the used jcl.
Are you upgrading EntireX?
Have you used an own security exit before?