EntireX Security

Dear Forum,
I am using the SAG IDL Tester (vers 8) and when I use the ping button, I do get a response back from Broker but below it, I get the following error:

Our Data Center is trying to tell me it is an Eclipse problem, but I am using my own userid who the RACF people tell me I am in the right group, but I am trying to tell them it is a RACF problem and that the Resource Profile for EntireX needs to be modified.

My question to you all is am I correct in stating this is a RACF problem where the Resource Profile needs to be modified or are they correct in stating this is an Eclipse problem?

What do I need to do, to get past 0008 0002?

Best regards

Hi Hennie,

Did you specify your userid/password in the Tester (File -> Options) ?

Under Options you can also set the tracelevel to see which userid is really used.

That’s an old, out of support Broker version. However, the messages on the EntireX Security gateway should report the user id that it doesn’t like - have the data centre check their logs for you.

The 0008 0002 error code specifically indicates that the user id being passed is not defined to the security system (RACF). That is, it is not a password issue nor is it a resource profile issue (yet!).