Local service development with IS config

I see we can manage package source with git by local service development project but how to manage IS config (Alias, global variable, ACL …) with git?

When I change a config in local IS, how to push changed it to git server and how to deploy from git to target server by jenkins? ( I can work well with packages)

Or I need copy by hand from config folder to git repo and push it?

Hi Vu Hoang Hiep,

You explicitly add the config files in git local and push to remote, that you want to be deployed in target server, apart from the regular packages.

Set the git repository at IS instance directory like. SAGDirectory\IntegrationServer\instances\default ( if you have another instance then that XYZ named instance ).

You need to add .gitignore file to exclude other folders\config entries that you don’t want to be on git repo.

Hope this helps.

Firoz N

Hi Firoz
Thank you for your answer , I have one more question
Can I depoy Alias, global variable, connection by jenkins when setup git at IS config repo? Now I only deploy success ACL, user, group to target server

thank you

Hi Vu Hoang Hiep,

I believe you should be able to do that once you have all assets in git repo, which you need to deploy in target server using Jenkins.

Ensure you create your Jenkins pipeline in that way to move the files/deploy them and all.

Firoz N