Azure DevOps and Local Service Development


This document is a summary “cheat sheet” on how to configure/connect Software AG Designer with Azure Devops.

1. Creating a repository in Azure Devops

Follow the below steps to create a repository

Request an Azure Devops trial account

Create with start free with GitHub


Provide git hub credentials i.e. username and password in the next page. (might require further authentication via OTP)

On successful login, you will be asked to create a project.

Provide the project name and set Visibility as Private and say Create Project.(say Devops1).

Once the project is created it should see the below page.

2. Setting up Azure Devops with Designer Workstation

Designer will have GIT plugin installed with tool installation by default.

Launch Designer, click on Open Perspective(highlighted in red) and select git(black) and open.

Click on Clone a Git repository and provide the azure Devops project details


You will get a page similar page below, copy the URL and use that in the designer.

Provide URI, Host, User, and Password (Note that user field will get auto-populated) of azure DevOps account below.

Click Next and Finish.

On successful creation, you should see a similar page like below.

You can now import the projects from the repository to a workspace.

Follow the below steps to create a new local service development project.

Launch designer and connect to IS and click on any custom package and say create local service development project.

Click OK on the next pop-up.

Select the repository which is created above step 2 and then click Finish.

Switch to git perspective and expand repository then navigate to working tree -> {IS package}.

Right click on the repository and click Commit...

 Click on the button next to unstated changes (highlighted) then all contents moved to stated changes.

Enter commit message and say Commit and Push...

Verify the committed package in azure DevOps account.