Git Repository Setup with Team

Hello Everyone,

  1. I have scenario regarding VCS(Git) specifically. I have created a Repository on GitHub.
  2. I have Installed IS on my Server-Machine and developers are connecting to IS using their service designers. Developer don’t have local IS on their machine. only service designer is installed on developers machine.

What I wan to do :

I want that, the developer can connect to git repository using their service designer, can make changes to the repository (Keeping in mind that developers have only installed Service Designer on their local machines) and can commit push directly to the GitHub repository.

Currently I am able commit push from my server machine. On Developer’s Designers there is no option showing for Create Local Service Development Project and from Project Explorer their is no option showing for Move Project to IS Package.

On developers machine I have successfully cloned the git repository, unable to add it to the IS Packages under package navigator.


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Hi Muhammad,

the mentioned options in Designer are only available when the “Local Service Development” component is installed, which provides a local IS instance on each developers machine.
When development on developers machine is completed, commit from there to the repository and pull the changes into your server machine. Remember to reload the affected packages afterwards to get the changes activated.

As an alternative you can use Deployer/AssetBuildEnvironment and some build pipelines to deploy the code from repository to server IS.
There are some threads here in the community which are already discussing this topic how to set up build pipelines with Jenkins et al.


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