Local Service Development - Batch Move Project to IS Package

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I am currently migrating a clients source control solution from SVN to GIT. as part of the solution id like to start leveraging the built in local service development features (compare revisions etc)

I have followed the guide: Get a webmethods package from github into your service designer

I am currently at the stage of selecting the java project and running “Move Project to IS package”

I would be interested in knowing if there is a way of doing this on bulk (either within eclipse or via some scripting outside maybe something with symbolic links?) the client I am working with currently has over 100 packages and each engineer would currently need to go through each project to move back into IS which will become laborious. curious if anyone has encountered this before.

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Hi Kareem,

you can create links via (batch) script.

Furthermore the configuration changes of “Move Project” are done in the .project file of the package which you may want to checkin in GIT. You can try to automate that.

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Hi Kareem,
You can refer to the below links and see if it meets your requirements.

GITHUB project

YOUTUBE video:

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Thanks both for your answers! unfortunately the client is working on webMethods 10.1 currently so not able to leverage your solution @Rohit_Tibarewal1 . eventually I decided to set the repository on the root packages directory and to add a .gitignore on the default webMethods packages. I chose this as later on I would like to introduce branching strategies for the client when developing features, when experimenting with this I found some challenges in the local service development solution (Possibly(likely) due to my lack of knowledge in that area). would be interested in hearing if anyone else has taken this approach also and what there experiences have been as oposed to using the local service development approach.

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