Automate package import to a local Integration Server

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use Software AG provided automation script (ant based script) for Move Package to IS.

As per my understanding this script will only automate “Move Package to IS” step and other steps like “Import Project” and “Create Local Service Development Project” steps still need to be performed manually before execution of this script.

Can you please let me know if my understanding is correct? Or did I miss anything here?

Secondly I have setup the script and using it for Moving Package. Packages are moving successfully from Git Repository to Package navigator but team option are not showing and VCS bull-eye icon is also not showing on package as shown in below screenshot:


Script is running successfully and No Error.

Below are the links that I referred to:

Link to ant script

Link to KB article


the script and article you mentioned are not officially provided and/or supported by Software AG but just a public example.

About this example:

  • This script was created because in the past it was not possible to move multiple packages at once to Integration Server.
  • With recent Designer versions you can now move mutiple packages at once to IS directly from the context menu. Therefore there will be probably no updates to this script from me.
  • Create Local Service Development Project is the opposite of what the script does, as it creates the Git Integration for a new package which is not yet versioned, so it would not make sense to do it together.
  • For this script it is correct that the Import Projects it not done by the script.



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