ProjectAutomator.xml file generation CICD/jenkins

Hi Team,

I am creating CICD process for my customer, I am following below process.

Created Jenkins freestyle project job. I am invoking ANT in jenkins pipeline to create build. I see build creation is successful. Now I wanted to create project and deploy the project using the same jenkins job using ant. How can be able to achieve this?

Currently I am using 10.15 version with IS package deployment.

Please have a look at this Automated build and deployment using Jenkins, ABE, Deployer

Hi Srikanth,

Thanks for the information.

I wanted to know in build.xml file below.

What exactly this test will do?

HI Kiran,

You can add project manually in Deployer and provide reference in your file.

Additionally for deployment from Jenkins job, add this custom tags in build.xml & call this operation “DeployProject” from Jenkins Job.


Kuldeep Gupta

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Not sure if xml tag has been added in my previous comment else you can use this screenshot for reference

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Hi Kuldeep Gupta,

Thanks for the update. I will try your suggested solution.

However, I have one question, IS there a way that I can fetch only last commit code from bitbucket for creating the build and to deploy.

Hi Kiran,

I haven’t seen such scenario where build can be generated only for the latest committed code.

As per CI/CD setup build will be generated for entire code avaialble in repo & will fail if any incorrect syntax caused corrupt .ndf file for any service. Once build created at CI instance. You can create another job for deploying individual pacakage from CI to target instace.

It was not possible for deploying individual service of any package through CI/CD setup by couple of year back, not sure now if in latest release SAG overcome of this.

Kuldeep Gupta

Typing through mobile, please ignore typo mistake.

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May I ask why you want to retrieve only the code from the last commit? That is a highly unusual thing to do. So I suspect that you are exploring this path to solve a particular issue. And this issue can probably solved in a different and easier way. So, if you can share your thinking here, we will probably be able to help you.

Hi Jahn,

We have a customer where they want to setup REPO Based deployment. For this process I have a demo to the customer using Jenkins.

If we commit new code to the VCS (git/bitbucket), we see that every time all the packages getting deployed in the target server. Now CX wanted to deploy only the last committed WmPacakge only instead of entire repository.
So, I am looking for a way to deploy only the last committed package in the VCS.

Please let me know I am missing anything here or if you need more info.

This is doable by having one repo/Jenkins job/project automator file per IS package.

Project automator has been designed with deploying entire solutions in mind. So for this use-case it may feel a bit clunky. How many packages are we talking about?

Lets say for example CX had one repository with 100 WmPackages. using the CICD process we can deploy all the packages at once.

CX have different servers so they will create different repositories, because packages may or may not be same in entire their landscape.

Now every time a new commit comes in either it could be ne package or updated and committed the existing pacakge, So now we have to deploy only the latest commit only.

This is certainly possible but also an advanced scenario, which is in my opinion very difficult (if at all possible) to do via a forum. You could probably reach out internally in SAG and find people there that might able to help.

Thanks for the info.

I will reach out internally and will see if that helps.