Issue while creating build using Jenkins

Hi All…

I have followed Demo: Continuous Integration with webMethods - YouTube to create CI/CD implementation.

I have installed git and did a clone as per the steps and also installed jenkins and did the steps said in the video.

I am getting the error as while creating the build.

C:\ProgramData\Jenkins.jenkins\workspace\JenkinsPackageDemo>C:\SoftwareAG/common/lib/ant/bin/ant -DSAGHome=C:\SoftwareAG -DSAG_CI_HOME=C:\Users\User\CIScripts -DprojectName=JenkinsPackageDemo build
Buildfile: C:\ProgramData\Jenkins.jenkins\workspace\JenkinsPackageDemo\build.xml

C:\ProgramData\Jenkins.jenkins\workspace\JenkinsPackageDemo\build.xml:20: The processing instruction target matching “[xX][mM][lL]” is not allowed.

Total time: 0 seconds

I have followed the thread(webmethods CICD using jenkins) that is already present which said to remove the comment section but still it is the same error.

Can anyone help on the same.

Open the build.xml and remove the commented line and run the build again.

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How do we deploy code into multiple instances.

When jenkins is run… package needs to be deployed from DEV to SIT/UAT/PROD and how do we change the pipeline steps.

I mean for adapter connection UAT will have some values and PROD will need different values so how to solve this.

Hi Abhijith,

please consider separating environment specific adapter connections and listeners into their own connectivity package which will not be deployed together with your regular code.


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Hi Holger yes we are maintaining a separate package for connections and listeners so we can use the jenkins to install it to test servers.

So after the Business tests are successful and i want to move that package to live so how to do that and also do we have any functionality to move global variables too to prod.

Hi Parre,

when using Runtime Deployment global variables can be added to the IS/TN set definition.
I am not sure if this will work with Repository Deployments.

We are never deploying the package with connections and listeners to other environments as the Variable Substitution lacks the possibility to modify the values for SAP Listeners. We are maintaining this package manually on each environment.
But we are marking the dependencies to this package as “Exist”. By doing so the Deployer can check if we might have missed to create any connections being introduced for this implementation.


Thank you for the response holger… I was able to do the jenkins configuration in windows machine successfully.

So i thought to replicate the same in unix system and the same

  • /u01/opt/softwareag/common/lib/ant/bin/ant -DSAGHome=/u01/opt/softwareag -DSAG_CI_HOME=/u01/opt/softwareag/JenkinsFiles -DprojectName=JenkinsTest build
    Buildfile: build.xml does not exist!
    Build failed

Here i removed the commented steps on build.xml and still the same error and i see build.xml file is present in /u01/opt/softwareag/JenkinsFiles

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