Get a webmethods package from github into your service designer


Versioning your assets in webMethods Designer or webMethods Service Designer is nearly the same as with every eclipse project. But as we are always working with a server, 2 additional steps are needed. In this article I'll show you how to get a webMethods package from git or github into your Designer workspace. If you want to add a package you created in your local environment into git, please have a look at this article.

This only works for local service development. If your development server is not running on the same machine as Designer, this won't work this way. Service Designer is already preconfigured with a local server, so this will work for Service Designer.


You need to start Designer as Administrator for using VCS integration. This is because Designer needs to create symbolic links so Designer and the Server can access the same files.

In Designer go to Window - Preferences - General - Workspace. Enable Refresh using native hooks or polling.

Package structure

A package is the delivery unit of assets for webMethods Integration Server and Microservice runtime. On your working or runtime environment it is just a folder on your disc and all assets are within this folder. Therefore it can be easily versioned just from the files system. The easiest way usually is to do this directly from within Designer. The folder defining the package containes different subdirectory like code, ns, ressources etc..

Get a package from git/github

Go to the Git perspective (or open the Gi Reporitories view)

Select Clone a Git repository and add the clone to this view. Enter the connect information for your repository.

Select the branch(es) you want to work with.

Select a local working directory. With Git it is not recommended to place this into the Designer/Eclipse workspace.

You need to import the package as a project.

Right click on the folder which is your package. Select Import Projects....

Click Finish.

Go the the Service Development perspective. You wont see the package in the Package Navigator yet.

Go to the Package Explorer view. Rightclick the Project you just imported and select Move Project to IS package.

Go to Package Navigator. Rightclick the server Default and select Refresh.

The package is now available in the Service Development perspective for working with it. The small circle at the package name indicates that the package is under version control.









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