JobStatus in deliveryjob table not updating correctly

Tasks are configured to send 4 initial retries and then every 6 hours (4 additional retries). If a task sends 4 times and fails all 4 it is marked as FAILED (good so far). When the 6 hour resend starts (of FAILED documents), the JobStatus is marked to PENDING (still good so far). If the document is sent or it fails after 4 retries, task status is left at PENDING (instead of DONE or FAILED). I’m using the C1OnRamp Adapter which requires the deliveryServiceOutput record (with failed/successful value and other attributes required depending on condition of value of errorOccurred) so I know in the end if the document truely failed or was sent.

Bottom line is that the JobStatus value in deliveryjob doesn’t update correctly. Any way of updating this (via a wM service or config setting or patch)? I could probably do this via a sql call but that seems to be too much overhead for something that should already be built in and working correctly. Using 4.6…


we also faced a similar problem where the jobstatus would be in pending state . WM support asked us to apply TN SP1 for 4.6(Which is highly recommended for 4.6 according to them and has many important fixes) . The system is still under observation.
You might wish to try the same and give feedback.

Thanks sina. We’ve actually had multiple problems w/ TNS_4-6_sp1. Fix45 is supposed to address this problem, but it requires TNS_4-6_sp1 - so we’re b/w a rock and a hard place. Still waiting on them to address the problem with TNS_4-6_sp1. They’ve had one other customer experience similar problems with sp1, so we’re still waiting on an answer.

To clarify…I meant to say TN fix45 is supposed to address the status conflict (not the problems we’re having with TNS_4-6_sp1). Thanks.