Huge problems with updating attributes

Here’s a problem, I can’t seem to solve.

Using an XQuery for updating documents that has alway worked, I’m now getting some problems with.

Using this query to change the STATUS attribute :

update for $wet in input()/NDFR where $wet/@ID=“W6169-3.11”
do replace $wet/ART/@STATUS with attribute STATUS { “AUTEUR” }

It updates the status. The changed status is visible when using the following query:

for $q in input()/NDFR
where $q/@ID = “W6169-3.11”
return $q

But within approx. five minutes the changes are rolled back. Sometimes the ‘Maximum transaction duration’ hits the high water mark. But not all the time.

The query is executed from within the XQuery tool of the Tamino X-plorer.

I’ve got no idea what could cause this.

BTW I’m using Tamino v and Universal Transaction platform v

Okay, what I’ve tried is the following, changing the Max duration to 3000 seconds seems to work. But, I get High water marks of 2400 and even 2760 on a single node update. This seems very high to me.

Another day, another drama. This morning I’ve tried to update an attribute of a single node. With the Max Trans Duration still at 3000 seconds. The high water mark hit 3000 and the update was rolled back.

I can’t believe a single update would take 3000 secs to commit the changes. There have recently been added a lot of documents, but before there was never a problem.

Alternatively whe’ve synchronised another installation of Tamino, on a different server, to the dataset from our production machine. Hoping that this problem was a local one. But to no effect.

The same problems appeared on the test environment as well…

As we are facing a production stop at this time, help would be very welcome.

Please request help from your local support.