Question on xquery update

HI everybody !

We have this update request to execute on 15 000 documents “phrases”
which contain each other nearly 40 node “libelle” to update.

update for $a in input()/phrase[@dat-maj>=“20070221120000”]
let $b := $a/@isToSynchThesee
let $c := $a/libelle/@isToSynchThes
(replace $b with attribute isToSynchThesee {“true”}
replace $c with attribute isToSynchThes {“true”})

But we’ve got an error code INOXME8504 with a message
“xml maximum duration xquery exceed”.
So we’ve modified the “maximum transaction duration” parameter
to 2000 seconds ( initially at 900 seconds ).
But we’ve got the same error. And we can’t modify
this parameter any more.

And we decide to select the documents with attribute “dat-maj”
but it takes too much time to modify them.

Could i have any help with this xquery ? or have you any idea with a massive update solution ?

Thank for your answer,


What about breaking the update into smaller pieces ?
I mean update only 100 or 1000 documents at a time.

PS you do have an index on @dat-maj - right ?!

We find a another solution by using [position() < 1000 and position() >1]

Thanks Finn !