XQuery - XML maximum query duration exceeded

I am trying to execute an XQuery to add an attribute to zero or more elements in 7000+ documents. However, after 5 minutes the transaction times out with the following error:

INOXME8504 - XML maximum query duration exceeded

I have tried changing the database property ‘maximum transaction duration’ to 3000 seconds and restarting the database but still get a timeout after 5 minutes.

Is there some way of setting or overriding the default duration as part of the XQuery, or can I break down my large transaction into smaller ones?

For the record, here is the XQuery I anm trying to execute:

update for $a in input()/enquiry/enquiry-data/*
where $a/text() > “”
do (
insert attribute description {local-name($a)} into $a

Many thanks,
David Sanders

You probably need to change:

Properties->XML->XML maximum query duration

Thanks mark, that worked, though I had to reboot the server for the new property value to take effect.

David Sanders

Nevertheless, R&D wants to learn more about the use case, because 300+ seconds seems to be quite long a time for 7000 updates. Could you please provide data and query to us?



I have put the information you requested on our ftp server (ftp.softwareag.com) in file


I have included the data as a tamino unload, the XQuery, the tsd schema and an explanation of what I want to achieve.

Please let me know if I can improve performance by changing the XQuery.

Kind regards,
David Sanders