I have problem with XQuery and X-Query too.

After a few minutes of processing queries, Tamino reports “XML maximum query duration exceeded, INOXME8504”.

For some very short queries everything works fine. But for example the following X-query (and its equivalent XQuery too) returns the above error.

I have checked this behavior with many queries.

Can anybody help?

Best Regards,

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I think it will go (very much) faster when you define an index for the element BIND-object_short-label (and for any other element or attribute you are planning to search for.

Let the Tamino Documentation guide you which index type to choose, as there are different for the datatypes and for word-fragment-search.

Best regards, Andreas

Hello Andreas,

I know that indexing would help in fast processing of queries and I did it already. But it doesn’t help at all.

Can you please check the schema if there are any errors in indexing. Or any other ideas?

Best Regards,
bindSchema.tsd (687 KB)


I found out a solution to this problem. I was using a “=” operand which caused that the indexing did not taky effect. Now I am using a “~=” operand and the query is very fast.