Java problems with Mediator 7.3

When I try to select EntireX XML Mediator 7.3 in the administration console I get the following error:
(ARG2024) Could not load java class
I have tried with both JRE 1.4.2 and JRE 1.5, but non of them works.

What can I do?

This sounds like the SMH was not correctly configured during the installation. You should check to see if the java layer has been correctly configured.

In SMH you open
-System Management Hub
-Control Panel
-Java Layer

and make sure that the classpath is set to the argjlib.jar located in \Program Files\Common Files\Software AG\ (on an english system anyway). At the root of Java Layer you should also make sure that the “Java Runtime Library Path” is also set to your JRE \bin\client or \bin\server directory.


- Matthew G.

The path seems in Windows, what’s the path on Unix? what’s the JRE path on Unix?