Solaris 8 installation of Mediator

Latest version of Mediator, using 1.4.1_05 JRE

After installation, go into SMH, click on EntireX XML Mediator 7.2.1


http://localhost:8080/mediator/MediatorServerServlet?fn=argusAgent, java.ioFileNotFoundException:

Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

Hi Joel,

The error you are seeing would normally indicate that the Mediator has not been deployed into the web/app server. If you do a custom installation of Mediator and include JBoss, the Mediator will be deployed into the JBoss server. If not, you must manually deploy the “mediator.war” file into you web/app server. The techniques for this vary depending on the server, but with Tomcat (for example) you would copy the mediator.war into Tomcat’s webapps directory and restart it.

Best regards,