Error when trying to access mediator through SMH

After installing Mediator 7.2.1. I logged into the SMH, and EntireX XML Mediator appeared. I clicked on it, and received the following error

http://localhost:8080/mediator/MediatorServerServlet?fn=argusAgent, java.ioFileNotFoundException:

I rebooted the machine, and still receive the same error

Hi Green,

this forum discusses EntireX Communicator installation and configuration topics. There is a similar forum for Mediator. I have seen similar questions posted to the Mediator forum
and an answer from Mike Bernat suggesting to check the mediator app deployment.
“It looks like the mediator web app is not properly deployed. Can you describe your configuration (web server, etc).”
I’d suggest to follow the discussion in the Mediator forum

Regards, Dietmar

Hi Green,

The error you are seeing would normally indicate that the Mediator has not been deployed into the web/app server. If you do a custom installation of Mediator and include JBoss, the Mediator will be deployed into the JBoss server. If not, you must manually deploy the “mediator.war” file into you web/app server. The techniques for this vary depending on the server, but with Tomcat (for example) you would copy the mediator.war into Tomcat’s webapps directory and restart it.

Best regards,