XML Mediator 7.2.1 (Win XP trial version) won't start

When attempting to start XML Mediator, I get HTTP: 404 Page not found error. From the Administrator Console (which starts fine), the error message is:
http://localhost:8080/mediator/MediatorServerServlet?fn=argusAgent, java.io.FileNotFoundException: http://localhost:8080/mediator/MediatorServerServlet?fn=argusAgent

Help, what did I fail to install/configure for the trail version?


Hi Natasha,

It looks like the mediator web app is not properly deployed. Can you describe your configuration (web server, etc).

Best regards,

Can you describe the steps you have taken to “start” the Mediator?
did you start the servlet engine hosting the Mediator Web installation?
did you start the Host Manager?

- arp