EX Mediator on W2K : Connection refused


We are installing EntireX MEdiator 7.4.1 on a Windows Server 2000 with WebSphere 5.1 as web application server. The jre used is the one of WebSphere so ibm java 1.4.1
The installation seemed tobe correct as we can start the mediator application in WebSphere.

But when we want to start the host i have the following error message :

MediatorServerServlet : connection refused

Does someone know where the problem comes from ?

Thanks for your help.



Me again.

I do not know why, i tried to start the host one more time, and without changing anything on the server, i haven’t the same message know.
Now it gives me :

ARG0107 : Connection function failed when i am under the admin console.

And when i try to launch the host :

Warning : either webserver is down or mediator web application is not deployed correctly.

But my webserver is on, and the web application is launched. ???

Help me please

Thanks again for your help.