Installing Mediator 7.3 after inov4.2

Everytime I try to install mediator 7.3 after Tamino 4.2 I get an error during the SMH installation. The error message is to simply contact your Software AG representative, and the entire installation process is aborted.

Well, I contacted myself, and I figured that of course there is a clash with SMH versions in that tamino 4.2 installs SMH whereas Mediator 7.3 will attempt to install SMH

My representative, not being a smart fellow, could only advise to uninstall Tamino, install Mediator and reinstall Tamino…

Is there a better way?

- arp

Hi Arp,

Sure there is a better way. You can modify the current SMH installation so that the Java Layer is installed. On a windows machine just go to “Add/Remove Programs” and select Modify after choosing SMH. You will pe presented with a list of installed modules. Check the Java Layer and follow the remaining instructions for the installation. Once complete, Mediator should install without any additional problems.


- Matthew G.