installation problem for Java


This is David Wang, Software AG China. One of my custom face folowing problem, I just copy there description:

Server:HP-UX host2 B.11.11 U 9000/800 142211760

when we installed the Mediator step by step accroding to product installation specification,we can’t install mediator absolutely on HP mechine. There is always an error in the fifteen step,the error

information is:

SMH Installation - Step 15: Select Java Installation

Please specify the path to an installed Java Runtime.The version should be
at least 1.2.

Defaults are shown in square brackets - press Return to accept the default.

Java home [/opt/java1.4]:
Java version: java version “”
Status: invalid libjava
The found Java installation does not contain a valid libjava!

It is recommended that you cancel or interrupt the installation of SMH to
install Java first.

You can download the Java software from

You can also continue with the installation of SMH without installing Java,
but this is not recommended.
Cancel, Back, Ignore?

if we ignore,an error appeared when we useed the smh of mediator.The error information is:(ARG2022) Java bridge bad configuration.

By the way, there JDK download from:

Does this JDK right? it seems it’s JDK problem

Or can you give me a correct jdk url for HP 64 bit system?
Server type: HP-UX host2 B.11.11 U 9000/800 142211760


I find a 64 bit JDK for HP, is it ok?

Hi David,

I had the same problem on RHEL 4.3 32bit.

It tuns out that when the install script looks for Java, it uses $JAVA_HOME environment variable. The $JAVA_HOME however points to the SDK’s home directory. To solve it I had to add “/jre” to the displayed Java directory.

Strange but true:lol: