Java Heap Settings and process going CPU bound

I have a client who is using webMethods 9.5 and has a small client in MWS that consumes an XML document between 10Mb and 20Mb. They are using the large document processing within Integration Server, set for documents > 3Mb. Anything larger than 5Mb seems to begin to generate failures.

When the document goes into the IS service, the CPU hits 100% and gc goes crazy.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue that might offer any suggestions?


What’s the current memory setting on the IS?
Even they enable large document processing doesn’t mean the service they create will automatically handle large documents without problem. Given the fact it’s failing if >5M, most like the XML document is being parse as whole in certain step, it will consume very large amount of ram.
review the services that are handling the document.

Hi Daryl,

Good to see you back and your post:

What is the current IS min/max memory settings and also MWS heap sizes to support large docs?

Have you also tune the resource settings and any abnormal processing/heap errors noticed?

Yes also I would say review the Service logic for XML large doc parsing steps (I assume its with a NodeIterator services)