Handling large messages in webMethods


I need to process a 25 MB xml message in webMethods and map it to another XML format, but when submitting the message to a webMethods mapping service nothing happens and the environment seems to freeze and not respond.

I think it might be a memory issue, but I would like to hear other options for solving this problem. How large xml messages where a mapping is involved is webMethods supposed to be able to handle?

Kind regards Mikael

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Hello Mike,

Is your IS environment implemented any largefile handling configurations in the Extended Settings page such as large doc threshold etc…??

Also can you check the IS heap memory settings allocated resources configuration values from the IS Admin console?

One other thing is try to implement xmlnodeIterator services in your flow this way the large XML payloads can be processed with in the IS performance settings and can avoid such type of hung’s.

Please check and try to implement the above solutions.


Thanks RMG

My understanding is, that when using the xmlnodeIterator I need to load the node as stream, but in my case the xml file is picked up from UM and the processing service is called by a trigger so no node is available when the message is sent to the processing service from UM via the trigger. How do I handle this?

Are you able to provide some examples?

Hi Mike,

Then the only option is fine tune your IS settings to handle the large payloads (may be work with your admin role also) and so to avoid the IS hungs.

Also can’t you convert that doc to string and convert it to io stream/node and I/p to the node iterator I know it seems like a crazy logic but can you try this option?



thanks for the suggestions.

My understanding is, that if I were to convert the doc to string and then to a stream, the whole message would need to be loaded into memory to convert it to string. Is that correctly understood?

Kind regards Mikael

Yes that is in the run-time scenario.



I increased wrapper.java.maxmemory from 1024 to 4096 in this file

which did the trick.

Kind regards mikael

Absolutely it will as one of the config option:)-