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I’ve been working through the Custom-Look-And-Feel configuration for our Mashzone 10.3 installation. Specifically, I’m updating the Application.less file to use our company branding scheme. This has worked as expected for the most part with one exception: The menus on the Header have a dark blue background rather than yellow as I would expect based on my parameter changes. See attached Screen Shot as well as full “application.less” file. The following line in the file seems to me to be where this color would be defined:

//Background color of the dropdown that is part of the application header menu.
@application-menu-dropdown-background-color: @brand-primary;

And here is the definition of the @brand-primary parameter…

//Color that is used in the whole application as accent color. For example primary buttons, the combobox button,
//popup and input borders are using this color. Per default it is turquoise,
@brand-primary: #FFCC00;

Any ideas what I may be missing?



application.less.txt (3.73 KB)

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I opened an Incident on the Empower portal for this issue. Below is the response and the fix:

to see the changes your expected, it is recommended to add a new entry in the application.less file (“MashZoneNG\apache-tomcat\webapps\mashzone\hub\dashboard\assets\custom-look-and-feel\application”) and trigger a new build via “Activate” application click in the select style template dialogue ( to see the effect please have a look to attached screenshot)

@header-menu-select-background-color : @brand-primary;

If you need some more settings to change, please have a look to the file “custom-variables” which is located under “MashZoneNG\apache-tomcat\webapps\mashzone\hub\dashboard\assets\css\webUiKit”. Here you will find the entry “@header-menu-select-background-color” and there are some more variables listed which can be overwritten in the application.less file.

This did resolve the issue with the layout. I did ask if this line was normally missing from Application.less or if my particular installation had been altered. It appears that this line is not normally included in the Application.less file and always has to be added if needed.

Hope this helps anyone trying to resolve this issue.



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