Issue while connecting from RI server to internal sevrer

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For a daily scheduled interface we are facing an intermittent issue (once or twice in month ) where external client using Large TN Doc handling to invoke a tnreceive service.

We got below error in RI sevrer log

ISS.0053.0006C] Unable to forward request to internal server due to error: 1,772,367,544

Even though the error comes at RI , processing starts at internal server fails because empty file get received.
Error at Internal sevrer is


Error retrieving content of content part ffdata of document 56805800778se5ad0001nio9. The exception message is :
Content Part ffdata does not exist in document 56805800778se5ad0001nio9.

If anybody has seen this issue before , please share some inputs.

I could not see any description in documents and forums on error we got at RI.
I checked security log and don’t see any connectivity issue. Transaction for few other interfaces worked fine during the same time when we saw this issue.
There is no error recorded in error log file at RI .

Thanks ,
Ashish A Potnis

Did you configure/setup TN large file handling on the Internal server?

How big is the file and your max threshold configured to?

Also please check this KB#: 1728602 on the Empower site as it sounds similar error with RI


“The number of ESTABLISHED connections should not exceed the number specified on the Max Connections parameter on the Internal Server’s Registration Internal port page (available from Integration Server Administrator > Security > Ports).” I would start by doubling your connections to 10


I am seeing similar error in the server logs of our RI instance. In our case it says Read timeout error.

[ISS.0053.0006C] (tid=1,249,886,452) Unable to forward request to internal server due to error: Read timed out

I see this error entry twice per minute in the server logs and it’s been there since months and the frequency of the error has increased these days. However I don’t see any client reporting issues.

But this error is very much misleading when are actually debugging other issues.

It would be really helpful if we can find a solution for this.

Thank you.

Did you raise the threads on teh RI server Registration Internal ports?

Private Threadpool Configuration

No …I don’t remember any change done to the thread configuration on the internal server recently

You need to check on the RI side also?

Nothing seems to have changed in the recent times on the RI as well …

Thanks for the reply RMG.
We have not chnage any thing recently at RI , currently we have around 50 connection between Internal and RI server.
Starnge thing is the error at RI , I am unable to understand what it mean , specifically the number .

ISS.0053.0006C] Unable to forward request to internal server due to error: 1,772,367,544

Also we see transactions related to other interfaces completing successfully when we got error above. So I thought it may not be due to connection availability.

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