Server error:Service unavailable using AS2

Hi all,
We have a AS2 connection with one of the partners and everything seem to work fine until one fine day we startd gettin the following error [ISC.0064.9324] Server Error: Service Unavailable

Task 5802120v1v5d87am0000vsn4 failed at Dec 28, 2006 3:50:37 PM, attempting retry 1: Probable reason for failure - Delivery service for 5802120v1v5d87am0000vsn4 failed with a status of fail and status message of [ISC.0064.9324] Server Error: Service Unavailable

what might be the problem?
please reply

Looks like this error related to a network issue while connecting to your AS2 partner url.Are there any changes made on your IS/TN system or OS side recently??


Thanks rmg for replying,
i dont think so there were any changes made.Is that a issue on the partner side?

Yes could be partner side as the service is unavailable while connecting to TP AS2 connection.Have you tried checking that side aswell like configuration/ntwk port changes etc…??


Was this resolved, We have similar errror . We are unable to find out what is causing the problem

talk to the partner whom you are sending AS2 to, their system is sending back the “Service unavailable” message.


Did you reach out to your TP and enquire more on this issue and looks like it’s an end point issue on the other side… Please check with them and troubleshoot is your next action item!