IS9.12 to UM10.3

we are using webMethods 9.12. is IS9.12 compatible with UM10.3 ? is there any SAG support document for the same ?

I think if the UM server is on version 10.3, Integration Server client on 9.12 versions will be able to connect, provided all the 10.3 client jars are copied and replaced in the class path of the Integration Server.


The officially supported inter version interopabilities are documented here:

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Added link referring to tech community documentation (use it if you do not have access to empower)

Hi All,

You should not copy the client jar files into the Integration Server installation from 9.12 forward. From 9.12 onwards Integration Server is compatible with equal or higher versions of Universal Messaging. As has already been indicated on this topic the document Supported Version Interoperability for Software AG Products provides the full information.

Regards, Jane

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Thank you Martin, Very useful document. this is part of migration from Broker to UM. it is clear that we can use UM 10.4 for IS 9.12. Thank you Guys

Thanks for confirming about the client jars, its really helpful.


as wM 10.4 is a feature release (having noen-extendable 1-year support) and not a major release (providing extendable standard support) I would prefer to use wM 10.3 instead.