Webmethods upgrade 9.12 to 10.5 and replacement of UM with Kafka

Hello all,
How to replace UM with Kafka? Parallelly I have to migrate to 10.5 from 9.12 of webmethods. I’m new to webmethods. Can anyone help me here?

Hi Akshat,

Kafka is not supported for central messaging system, only as additional messaging interface to connect with other systems.
wM only supports Broker (up to version 10.5) and UM.
This is a requirement when you want to use the MWS user directory as a central point for storing users and groups and share them between IS and MWS.

For migration questions you should check the Upgrade Guide for details.


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I would highly recommend that you work with someone that has experience with the wM product suite, if you don’t have someone on your team already. SAG consulting services or some other group that you can contract with to help would be highly advisable. If you have no exposure to wM before this project, you’ll be diving into the deep end of the pool. You likely want a buddy to help you swim. :slight_smile:

I imagine the desire to replace UM with Kafka is price-driven. Be aware of the tradeoffs. If you go with Kafka you’ll use JMS and would have a lot more administrative tasks than with UM. Additionally, per this article you can’t use JMS triggers in Integration Server to receive messages, likely increasing the coding complexity.

With the IS and UM combination, you don’t have to do much of anything in terms of managing topics/queues etc. When you define a publishable doc type on IS, it automatically configures UM. When a new trigger is defined, IS automatically configures the topic/queue on UM. Using Kafka, you get to do all that manually.

As usual, its a trade-off of cost vs time/complexity.

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