IS 6.0: User not allowed to run service

I have configured the Integration Server to poll a directory and invoke a service defined in a business process.
When the file is created I have the following message:

2003-04-17 14:57:35 CEST [FPL.0001.0036V2] File polling processing file: FilePolling.30123.Wem_Nominations.xml
2003-04-17 14:57:36 CEST [ISS.0051.0008D] Listener FilePollingListener:D:\Test\CommercialDispatching was denied access to service GMS_profile_loading.Design_Server:sendNominations
2003-04-17 14:57:36 CEST [FPL.0001.0032C] File polling processing service access
denied. User Developer not allowed to run service GMS_profile_loading.Design_Server:sendNominations

The “Execute” permission for service sendNominations is “Internal”, which resulting users include Developer.

Why is user Developer not allowed to run the service ?


I guess Your target service might be under different ACL setting,pls tryw ith changing that to (Everybody or None or Anonymous)


Services to be invoked by end users, i.e., not Developers or Administrators, can not have the Internal ACL. The Internal ACL is only meant for services invoked by other services.

Set the ACL on the service (or the containing folder) to a different ACL. Setting to Anonymous (no authentication) is probably not a good idea. Inheriting from parent (no ACL) is okay as long as the parent has a reasonable ACL.


In fact the port I defined to execute the polling did not have the rights to run the service.
After modifying the access mode to include the service, it runs without error.