Hi All,
I try to work on file Polling I created configuration properly but the problem was arise on getting file into webMethods .
I need to know what are the inputs required for the service ?If any example please share with me.


Hi Siva,

can you tell what are the problems you are facing?
basically in File Polling you need to create a File Polling Port from Security->Ports option.

then these are the inputs you need to passon:
Package Name->select the Package where your service resides
Run as User->Administrator/ or whoever
Monitoring Directory->path of the directory from where your service picks the file.
All other directories are optional which are created automatically

Processing Service->full name space of the Service you want to invoke

once you are done with these save it.

P.S: by default the File polling Port is under disable state you have to enable it & also under “Access Mode option” under Edit panel all services are set to “deny by default” you have to Allow them through "Set Access Mode to Allow by Default "

you can then customize as per your requirements.


The service has no input.
You have to invoke pub.flow:getTransportInfo from WmPublic

Check the Integration_Server_Built-In_Services_Reference documentation for more details (or F1 in Wm8).

Review the Flat File Schema Developer’s Guide.

Section “Submitting a Flat File to Integration Server via File Polling” has (some of) the information you want.

The inputs of the invoked service depend upon the content-type that is set in the file polling port. If it is set to “application/x-wmflatfile” then the input to the service will be an object named ffdata, which is an InputStream. If no content-type is specified IS will use the content-type associated with the file extension.

Other content-types will cause other content handlers to be used which will change what variables are in the pipeline when your service is invoked.

2011-08-26 14:51:41 PDT [ISS.0051.0008I] Listener FilePollingListener:E:\New Folder\webMethods@*.txt was denied access to service ffmonitorsample:readFileTest
2011-08-26 14:51:42 PDT [FF.0001.0032C] File polling processing service access d
enied. User Administrator not allowed to run service ffmonitorsample:readFileTest

i am facing this problem and i done configuration
File Polling Listener ConfigurationPackagePackage NameMyTest Polling InformationMonitoring DirectoryE:\New Folder\webmethodsWorking Directory (optional)unspecifiedCompletion Directory (optional)E:\New Folder\doneError Directory (optional)E:\New Folder\errorFile Name Filter (optional)*.txtFile Age (optional) (seconds)unspecifiedContent Type (optional)unspecifiedAllow Recursive PollingNoEnable ClusteringNoLock File Extension (optional).lockSecurityRun services as userAdministrator Message ProcessingProcessing Serviceffmonitorsample:readFileTestFile Polling Interval (seconds)60Log only when directory availability changesNoDirectories are NFS mounted file systemNoCleanup Service (optional)unspecifiedCleanup At StartupYesCleanup File Age (optional) (days)365Cleanup Interval (optional) (hours)24Maximum Number of Invocation Threads1

Have you changed the invoking service under “Access Mode option” from “deny by default” to "Set Access Mode to Allow by Default "?

Hi Roken,
I am using default mode for all ACL(permissions).