File polling to handle XML file

I have used file polling to handle flat files… the polling service would monitor a directory and would invoke a service (lets say ffHandler). I used a variable ffdata as an input and mapped it to ffData of the pub.flatFile:covertToValues service with the appropriate template set to ffSchema service-in variable of convertToValues service.

I have exactly the same scenario… but this time the file is in XML format. Can any one please help me with the service that I need to use to do this… also, do I have to use any input variable, like I used ffdata as an input to convertToValues service of WmFlatFile. Perhaps it is one of the services in the pub.xml folder… but this is urgent and I dont have enough time to do R&D.

**Do excuse me if I have posted this message in a wrong category… I am pretty new to this site.


For receiving XML files use the Node as input in the receiving service and invoke pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument as a first step.



thanks for the help… it worked like a charm… I just wasnt sure whether the polling service places the document to the integration server as a node or as a stream… Taking node as an input variable and invoking xmlNodeToDocument worked perfectly for me