Convert XML String to CSV Flat file


I want to convert xml string to a csv flat file.

Is there any ready to use service available in webMethods API?

If not then can any one please help me out?

Thanks in Advance

Your task will be little more involved than just calling a service. You’ll use several.

Read through the documentation about processing XML. And read the flat-file schema guide. The information there should be enough to get you started.


Any one help me pls, this is urgent
As per our requirement I am converting xml doc to csv file.If any tags missing in xml doc then csv file will missing the separator.

xml file :

10 Luo 26

CSV File:

if xml missed one tag like

10 26

Current CSV File: 10,26
Excepted CSV File : 10,26

If you have any idea on this Pls share me ASAP


Use the field positioning when you are declaring fields in schema. you can find the option of fixed position in property window. I think this solution should work. If i find any other information i will keep you posted.

you can refer to schema documentation for more info.

Mangat Rai

You should use the NthField (Index 1,2,3,4…) option in the FFSchema when you create FieldDefinitions for parsing/converting to CSV format…


When you create flat file schema. In Flat file structure while declaring field definition, you need to provide set Extractor property. Use Nth field option Field = (0,1,2 etc…)
this way if you get missing tag in XML, even then it will place a comma for that field place.


You are on the right track…we are trying to answer your original question and hope you got the solution now that you have requested for…