Invoke Client Java Script from java bean manually

Hi All,

Would it be possible to invoke a client-side javascript from caf webMethods java bean?
I have a simple script in the Script Block what I want to execute programatically from java bean.

The aim of this solution, I want to know the property in managed bean.

(webMethods 8.2, JSF 1.2)

I know there is a Client-Side Event property of Async Command Button, but currently it is not an option to use it.

Thanks your help.

Not really. The server can’t execute code directly in the browser without some intermediary.

Generally this type of problem would require an additional round trip to the server. In other words, the client browser would have to retrieve the value with some javascript and then post that information in another request to a handler on the server which would then do something with it.

Hi Eric,

Thanks your answer.
I try to solve it with Invoke Script control.