External javascript call from xsl output? can this be done??

Hi all.

I’m a bit frustrated right now

I’ve been playing around with client-side XSL transformations with Ajax and I’m facing that problem mentioned in the topic. All the processing is made in the client-side.

What I want to do is the following:

  • I’m receiving xml data from an HTTP request from a server.

  • This xml data needs to be parsed with xsl and displayed in the browsers using a data grid control.

  • To display the data of each row I have to make javsacript calls like: gridView.addDataRow ( “[ID]”, new Array ( [DATA ] )

I have tried inserting the tag ( with and without the xsl:text ):



inside the xsl for each element to display but I get an error,

I have tried also the following code ( with and without the xsl:text ):


<lxslt:script lang=“javascript”>
xsl:textgridView.addRowData(“</xsl:text><xsl:value-of select=”…/@unid"/>xsl:text", new Array ( “</xsl:text>xsl:apply-templates/xsl:text”);</xsl:text>


but also without any luck!! :frowning: .

I’m now completely lost and I don’t know what to do, anyone could help me a bit with that??

Thanks guys!!

PD: gridView is a JS object defined previously in the document. :cry: :cry: