Hi all!
is it possible to define own javaschrpt functions (not in form of new controls) but directly in the way casabac is using and defining ist javascript libraries.
and how would i access such a function?

and please - don’t ask whay i want to have this, it simply is a requirement of this project

something along this line:


Test Test Test

any help would be much appreciated


Hi Achim,

guess what the answer is: you have to do - by own controls.
Should I ask the question to you which you try to avoid me to ask? :wink:


hi bjoern!
seems we have to do it via controls.
otherwise it would have been nice to use identical code in 2 different environments, so for the time beeing we have to maintain 2 different pieces of code for 2 different environments, but with the same function.
have fun,

Hi Achim,

please be awar of that you can outsource JS code into JS-libraries. Corresponding function is available on ProtocolItem-level, which is part of the tag handler’s interface parameters.
Myeb you could have on “.js” library being accessed from two deifferent scenarios?


Code-Example, inside out FIELD-handler we do…: