reacting to each character while entering value


Two responses:

(1) You can set datatype of the field to “float” (well, ugly name for “decimal”…) then the formatting is done automatically when leaving the field.

(2) We currently support the evnet “leaving the field” but not “every key stroke”. Remember that the event processing is done on server side, so from roundtrip perspective there needs to be a compromise… - Please also note that we support special events (e.g. key down) which call “valid value” management.


for response 2:

if I want such a formatting to occur after every key stroke, can this be done with a custom control?

  1. This custom control should be able to generate the necessary javascript function for formatting
  2. When the focus is in this custom control, every keystroke should be catched and the javascript function should be called.

…yes, definitely! Please have a look into the Control Developer’s Guide how to add own custom controls.


How can I send a request for each keystroke in a field? This can be done with a javascript event like “onKeyPress” but how I can register such an event with a custom control?

…by just writing it into the HTML you generate - some pseudo code:


Please note: the “+ID” means you append the control’s id in order to have separate event processors (in case you have the same control twice in your page).

Hope this is enough as hint…


I have a question which belongs to this topic, too.

If I submit the page after the keyPress-event for getting the input, the whole input in this field is selected. How can I set the cursor to the end of the field?
If I use the keyPress-event for show some input possibilities in another control, it is bad for the user to set the cursor to the end of the field manually.

…haven’t done this with Javascript yet… but tell me if you chould find out :wink:

Here is a very nice example for playing with the cursor, text selections etc. Sample code works both for IE and Mozilla :


Migrating from 4.1.4 to 4.2 shouldn?t be a major problem. Basically you have to install Tamino 4.2 and update kit and then you can upgrade your databases by using the ?set version? button in the Tamino Manager. The update kit is necessary to avoid some known problems in the set version area.
To learn how your applications might be affected and how to avoid migration problems you should read the Tamino migration guide beforehand. Be sure that you have created backups of your databases before you start migration!

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