Capturing key pressed events in a text box

Hi Ian,

My first response would be to suggest that it is a Bad Idea ™ to try
to search and update on every letter typed, as it would likely have very
detrimental effects on the application’s performance.

However, if you use nUIEntryElement you should be able to watch for an
EVT_POST_EDIT event and get feedback on individual keypresses.


Hi Ian, Hi Spencer,

we do exactly the same Spencer mentioned, using the EVT_POST_EDIT event for getting feedback on individual keypresses.
Performance depends on how much entries are in your database. We try this with around 20000 data entries for filtering and of course, performance with the Mobile Designer SQLite database was not so good at all…



We want to search a database by using filtering as letters are typed.

We don’t seem to get the event handler being called for each letter, is this possible?